Julian Savulecu on controversial choice


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HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio (2011). Julian Savulecu on controversial choice. Prezentată la Rethinking Politics for the Knowledge Society, International Conference, 31 noiembrie – 4 decembrie 2011, Iaşi, România. Organizată ICeeS, Universitatea „Gh. Zane” şi Universitatea de Nord Baia Mare.

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Romanian-Australian bioethicist and philosopher, Julian Savulescu is Professor of Applied Ethics at Oxford University and leader of transnational projects concerning ethical implications of cloning regarding embryonic stem cells, “the issue of artificial life and improvement of the human species” trough technology. Heperformed an analysis of the relationship between construction of autonomy and the idea of good life in terms of controversial choices. The controversy is based on the idea of economics and welfare in relationship with yourself and with others. In this paper we analyze some of the implications of Julian Savulescu’s views on contemporary development of bioethics.


Julian Savulescu; bioethics; autonomy; controversial choices; welfare.