Meanings of autonomy of diabetic patient from doctor’s perspective


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LANGUAGE |Romanian

HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio (2012). Meanings of autonomy of diabetic patient from doctor’s perspective. Prezentată la Conferinţa Internaţională de Ştiinţe Sociale Aplicate, 18-19 iunie 2012, Timişoara.

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Description of the problem: The article is made within a wider research aimed at exploring how to build responsibility and autonomy of the patient with chronic disease, within the care process, at the interface with his family and social care institutions involved; this article aims to identify the cultural specific context in which autonomy is formed for the patient with chronic diseases. We limit this article to the dimension of mentalities of medical personnel involved in the care of chronic patient and the care context generated by them as an external framework favoring the development of chronic patient autonomy in relation to specific diabetic patient, as particular expression of chronic patients. Purpose: The research aims to identify an operational definition of patient autonomy that both diabetes doctors and general practitioners work with, that guide the doctor-patient relationship and how the doctor relates to the patient. Doctors operate with a definition of patient autonomy involving his rationality and ability to make decisions consciously. In these conditions we expect therapeutic education to be central in the approach of doctor-patient with chronic disease relationship as informing the patient about the specific lifestyle that he should take and the risk he is exposed to if he refuses, the patient will manifest a maximum adherence allowed by his life conditions. Method: We will use a qualitative-interpretative methodology, based on the analysis of focus groups and unstructured interviews with doctors and general practitioners. Results: Data interpretation will be based on an inductive strategy and will provide meanings of the term of autonomy. Conclusions: Conclusions will reveal the adequacy of operational definition of autonomy with the existing definitions in literature, formulating an interpretative model of autonomy, valid in Romanian medical system.


autonomy, applied ethics, self-achievement, autonomy theories, authenticity.