Ethics of life and time from the perspective of chronically ill

A VIII-a Conferinţa Naţională de Bioetică cu participare internațională– Copyright © 2012

FORMAT | Presented paper              

LANGUAGE |Romanian

HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio (2012). Ethics of life and time from the perspective of chronically ill. Prezentată la Conferinţa Naţională de Bioetică cu participare internațională, 13-16 septembrie 2012, Cluj-Napoca.

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The main issue analysed in this paper is how a chronic patient relates to time and social environment. As a secondary aspect we will be investigating the manner in which the chronically ill perceives the world.
Context of research: people relate differently to their lives, either dramatizing it or accepting it in a hedonistic way, or creating a web of specific expectations from the members of social networks they belong to.
Chronic condition affects the representation of the world, time and necessity. Such a particular conception is the ethos of time escape by reference to a future life and immediate overcoming.
Method: the phenomenological analysis of interviews with diabetic patients and their caregivers.
Results: In a concrete manner, the chronic patients’ reporting to temporality is achieved by customizing the communication act, either by self-imposed solitude, or increasing social communication and socializing.
We’ll refer in particular to the role of the Church in helping chronically ill to understand existence and suffering from the perspective of eternal existence in God’s kingdom.


Chronically ill, chronic disease phenomenology, world, time, necessity, the role of Church.