Ethical Counseling. Methodological Framework

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HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio. (2012). Ethical Counseling. Methodological Framework. Prezentată la International Scientific Conference: Logos, Universality, Mentality, Education, Novelty, 21 mai-3 iunie 2012, Iaşi.

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Ethical counseling is a process which facilitates the identification of ethical dilemmas that individuals and organizations are facing and ways out of these dilemmas which are congruent with the shared vision of the subject or organization.
We will build in what follows, a model of ethical counseling practice derived from client-centered paradigm and the problem solving-oriented paradigm. We mention that model of philosophical ethical counseling focused on solving ethical dilemmas represents a conversion of social practice in terms of counseling of ethics. Counseling of ethics, in the version proposed by us, has the advantage of a phased strategy to solve the ethical dilemma that can be applied by an ethical counselor after approapriate training.
In building this model we started from the works of Charles Zastrow (1987) regarding counseling in social work. We will reformulate the general principles of practice in the form of methodological lines in ethical counseling centered on ethical dilemma. Although we are using a model of clinical ethics we consider it valid for Philosophical Practice, and also for various forms of ethical counseling in business, in universities, in public institutions, etc.


ethical counseling, methodological framework, ethical dilemma.