Ethical and Philosophical Appreciative Counseling


International Scientific Conference: Logos, Universality, Mentality, Education, Novelty– Copyright © 2012

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HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio, & Ponea, S. (2012). Ethical and Philosophical Appreciative Counseling. Prezentată la International Scientific Conference: Logos, Universality, Mentality, Education, Novelty 21 mai-3 iunie 2012, Iaşi.

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Philosophical counseling proposes to transform lives, by rediscovering interrogative and interpretative dimension of human consciousness and its application to the everyday experience of metaphysical freedom implemented from the metaphysical plan into the social plan. Applied philosophy states in areas such as: psychosocial counseling, management strategies, ethical guidance, thus becoming part of social action. On one hand, the appreciative inquiry model has as an epistemological ground the principle of social connectivity and interdependence. Individuals are not only equipped with selfactualization potential which can produce social change, they are the very key in changing attitudes through attitudes they generate in social networks and the answers generated within these networks. The individual’s autonomy is, in the context of appreciative philosophical practice (counseling), represented especially through this self-actualization potential.


philosophical counseling, appreciative ethics, authonomy.