Appreciative Ethics in a Transmodern Society


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Transmodern paradigm is founded on worlds (especially cultural worlds) unification. Transmodern’s Paradigm implicit assumption is that despite the appearance of a world split in levels of existence we can identify a fundamental unity repeated as a fractal on all this levels of the real. In this paper we will take into consideration some axiomatic frameworks which mark the scientific truth and that is a structure of hierarchy of scientific truth the purposes of setting up and validating current scientific theories: scientific approach aims to find the true; scientific truth has it’s own referential in objective reality; instrumental dimension of scientific truth is rationality or logic applied to the experiment results or observation of the phenomena; scientific approach has an explanatory dimension, a comprehensive and predictive one; scientific approach using an analytical or synthetic form of speech, generated a priori or a posteriori truths; Scientific knowledge fits into a paradigm; It’s apparent truth comes from it’s logical consistency understood as giving the same of terms and using the same methodological rules.


New Epistemology, Reality, Social Construction of Reality, Scientific Truth.