Social Work & Bioethics. New Model of Ethics Expertise

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HOW TO CITE| Frunză. A., SANDU, Antonio (2016). Social Work & Bioethics. New Model of Ethics Expertise. Prezentata la 13th World Congres of Bioethics, IAB 2016, 14-17 June, Edinburgh.

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Currently, social intervention in Romania is insufficient ethically regulated, given that most social work service beneficiaries belong to vulnerable populations. The intervention itself is targeting a transformation of the beneficiary, in ways that can generate a strong emotional impact that may be potential harmful. We see the need to align social work practice, at least in terms of bioethical international regulations on human intervention. The nature of social intervention methodology can be considered as action-research and, as such, would benefit from specific regulations with regard to human subject research.
The ethical issue relates to a lack of a regulatory system for ethics expertise in social practice which takes into account the existing models relating to research on human subjects, but also the particularities of social work as a potential specific area of ethical regulation.
We discuss the possibility of developing ethical expertise within the social services, based on the constituent values accepted in the community of practitioners. The new model of ethics expertise could be similar to the one based on the bioethics principles.
We approach ethics expertise from the perspective of semiotics, through a the deconstruction – (re)construction process of ethical values.
In the social sphere we see the implementation of ethics expertise in such a way as to take into account the ethical values accepted by individuals at the organizational level, by developing a new expertise model, analogous to professional supervision – the supervision of ethics – aimed at providing support to professional staff who face burdensome ethical tasks.


Social Work; Bioethics; New Model of Ethics Expertise.