Appreciative Christian Counseling

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PAGES | 87-92      

LANGUAGE | English

ISSN| 1877-0428

HOW TO CITE|SANDU, Antonio, & Caras, A. (2014). Appreciative Christian Counseling. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 128, 87–92. WOS:000396598200015.

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This paper addresses a correlation between the appreciative theory and Christian theology applied in Christian counselling space. We propose a method of appreciative counseling. The methodology is applicable in the field of psychosocial counseling, in social work, in counseling of ethics, etc. In this paper, we propose the method as application to spiritual counseling, as part of social theology. Success is seen as a sign of Divine Grace and is therefore desirable for a Protestant or evangelical Christian. Social theology of salvation is essentially a theology of success as the highest success that human beings can gain access to, is to partake of the mystery of the Godhead. But success is not worldly, but one headed toward eternity. Christian message replaces the prohibition manifestation of the type “you shall not” and the image of a “jealous and prohibitive God” to reverberate in the Decalogue, with a God who loves people, which guarantees the obtaining of the “ultimate success” of the Christian, which is the eternal happiness made possible by the divine assuming of all human sins.


appreciative inquiry, appreciative theology, christian counselling.