Organizational Spirituality. Comments on C.A.R.E Model for Organization Development & Transformation

Social Research Reports– Copyright © 2011


PAGES | 103-115    

LANGUAGE | English

ISSN| 2066 – 6861

HOW TO CITE|SANDU, Antonio (2011). Organizational Spirituality. Comments on C.A.R.E Model for Organization Development & Transformation. Social Research Reports, 19, 103-115. Disponibil online la adresa:


Identifying the spiritual frames that stake the development of organizations in conjunction with specific culture where that organization works may reveal dynamic motivational elements and construction of organizational culture. The question arising from this paper, beyond the author’s analysis on Commitment, Awareness, Readiness and Engagement generated through spiritual participation at the organization level, appears to be: “what is the place and role of spirituality in the organization and consequently in its development?”. It would be interesting to know whether Preudhikulpradab considers organizational spirituality a social construction specific to each organization generated by the dynamics within the organization at the interface between organizational culture and spirituality of each individual with which it enters the organization, or rather a form of social control by creating a collective identity that gains features of a spiritual organization.


organizational spirituality; organizational culture; commitment; awareness; readiness; engagement.


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