Analysis of professional competencies in supervision field of social services

Social Research Reports– Copyright © 2010


PAGES | 3-56    

LANGUAGE | English

ISSN| 2066 – 6861

HOW TO CITE|SANDU, Antonio, Unguru, E., Ponea, S., & Cojocaru, Ş. (2010). Analysis of professional competencies in supervision field of social services. Social Research Reports, 17, 3-56. Disponibil online la adresa: 

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In this research was realized a secondary data analysis obtained from the research “Analysis of practical purposes of supervision”, research that was developed under the theme “Analysis of Occupational Standard for the Supervisor Occupation”. Analysis carried out after the successive inductions allows us to formulate conclusions as a series of professional skills necessary to perform the supervisor’s duties accompanied by good practice principles in implementing the supervising process. The analyse of interviews and focus groups conducted within the research, and taking into account the professional requirements expressed in the literature and help us to formulate the good-practice principles in supervision of social services.


Supervision, supervisor, supervisees, social services, Grounded Theory, principles, competencies, professionalism.


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