LUMEN RSACVP2020 – Pandemic – Catalyst of the Virtualization of the Social Space

Descriere: Paper presented at the 14TH LUMEN CONFERENCE RSACVP2020 | MAY 22-23, 2020 | IASI, ROMANIA
by Antonio SANDU („Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romania) – ”Pandemic – Catalyst of the Virtualization of the Social Space”

LUMEN RSACVP2020, Iasi, Romania online conference -Plenary Session 2 Antonio Sandu on virtualization

Descriere: LUMEN RSACVP2020, May 22, Iasi, Romania (online conference) – Plenary Session 2 (Zoom recording)
Plenary Speaker: Prof. PhD. Antonio Sandu (”Stefan cel Mare” University from Suceava, Romania)
Paper title: Alternative Worlds: The Virtualization of Social Space
Abstract: The idea of virtual reality has gained ground in recent years in the form of augmented reality, special glasses for virtual reality and games like “second life”, in which we have a meeting with Another who does not have a physical projection, but is just a digital avatar, an incipient form of Artificial Intelligence or even another player. Essentially, the virtual world is an alternative world to the one we live in and involves the development of a digital interaction with other entities that exist in the virtual space in the form of avatars – digital extensions of real people – or completely digital characters without correspondence in the physical world. In this paper we aim to identify some constitutive dimensions of the phenomenon of the virtualization of social space, of its evolutionary tendencies and of eventual sociopathologies. We will follow the interpretive adrift of the terms reality and social interaction, respectively, in the sense of deconstructing the traditional anthropological perspective on the human being, which we see as limited by our own corporality and proximity, in the context of communication globalization and generalization of teleaction.