Supervision of Family and Child Welfare Services

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The system of services as well as that of social benefits together form the system of social work. The professionalization of the social services offered to the family and the child requires a certain degree of self-reflexivity from the professionals in the field, a critical-constructive analysis of the practice that would allow its efficiency and increase the quality of social services / benefits. This self-reflective dimension is a component part of case management in social work, experienced professionals being called to support colleagues in identifying the best standards of work with various types of clients.
The supervision process involves a professional relationship between an experienced social worker and another social worker – generally with less experience, but not necessarily. Supervision is often confused with therapy, or the counselling process, due to the symmetry of the discursive practice between the two: both counselling and supervision are based on a non-directive methodology, based on reflection on the problem the client is facing. While counselling involves the direct relationship between the social worker and the beneficiary, the reflection on the problem being the responsibility of the beneficiary guided by the counsellor, in the supervision process the social worker is the one who reflects on his own practice with the beneficiaries, identifying the best professional solutions he approached / will approach them in working with their own clients.
In this paper we aim to reflect on the functions, objectives and types of supervision, as they are identified in the literature, to define professional supervision in social work and the main responsibilities of the supervisor in working with social workers.


supervision; social work services; professionalization; supervisor; social worker.