Strategies for Building Ethical Policies within the Organization

International Scientific Conference “Tradition and reform, 2nd edition.  Social reconstruction of Europe” 2013– Copyright © 2013

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HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio. (2013). Strategies for Building Ethical Policies within the Organization. Prezentată la International Scientific Conference Tradition an Reform Social Reconstruction of Europe, Second Edition, November 7-8, 2013, Bucharest.

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The aim of the research was to identify fundamental and instrumental values underlying ethical behavior in organization building. In this paper we propose differentiating organization’s ethical values in constitutive ethical values – around which the organization was established and functions – , and operational values – around which is set the good practice of the organization. Constitutive values are related to the organization’s mission, while operating values are correlated with the policies of the organization, its products and services. We are interested how are operationalized the existing ethical values in an organization of ethics policy, and which are the strategies through which the organizations build among their customers the set of particular ethical competencies, under these ethics policies. During these research was presented a case study on ethics policy in a multinational business corporation, both in manufacturing and services. Under the slogan “Integrity daily”, the operational ethical values of the organization, understood as the source of its success, are: enhancing relationships with customers, suppliers and communities, irreproachable behavior, honesty, respect for others, treat (others) with dignity. It analyzes ethical principles considered in building the organization’s ethics policy, as for example distributive justice inspired by the work of John Rawls. Expression of ethical principle is translated into organizational policy through: commitment to good practice, equal opportunities and assumed competition, honesty, commitment to compliance. The implementation tools of ethics policy are represented by the code of ethics, ethics committee, advising and supervising ethics, ethics audit.


Strategies; Ethical Policies; organization; ethical values; ethical principles.