Quantum Metaphysics Models

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HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio. (2011). Quantum Metaphysics Models. Prezentată la International Scientific Conference Logos, Universality, Mentality, Education, Novelty, 18-19 februarie, 2011, Iași.

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With the expansion of science, philosophy appeared to be limited more than ever on a methodology, a logical guide useful for correctness validation of scientific knowledge. Quantum mechanics makes for the first time an ontological background starting from “its own ontological potential” solidary with the basic axioms of its mathematic formalism. The article aims to review a series of new projects of contemporary philosophy which we called quantum metaphysics; both philosophical projects, among which we mention “Ortophysics” proposed by Mihai Draganescu, the Theory of the Cluster Universe and that of biological laser built by Traian St?nciulescu, as well as the philosophical meanings drawn from scientific works in theoretical physics where we have stopped on the model of consistent histories proposed by Hugh Everett, but also in transpersonal psychology, proposed by Stanislas Groff. To complete the hermeneutic dimension we reinterpreted a series of contemporary scientific theories appreciating their cultural implications, either by juxtaposition or by contraposition with recurring ideas in the history of philosophy or religious beliefs.


Quantum metaphysics, holistic model, wrapped universe, multi-universe, consistent histories.