Beyond Technological Singularity… the Crisis of Posthuman Condition



8th LUMEN International Conference Rethinking Social Action. Core Values in Practice | RSACVP 2017 Copyright © 2017

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LANGUAGE | English

HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio, & Terec-Vlad, L. (2017). Beyond Technological Singularity… the Crisis of Posthuman Condition (Plenary Speakers). Prezentat în cadrul 8th LUMEN International Conference Rethinking Social Action. Core Values in Practice (RSACVP 2017) | April 7-8th, 2017 | Suceava, Romania.

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In the cross modern context, trans-humanism appears as a new paradigm with a centripetal tendency, which proposes the reinventing of human being by overcoming the current biological limitations with the help of the new technologies, a so-called human improvement. The transiency of all or part of the onto-anthropological limits that defines the human condition, leads to an existential condition, known in the literature as – post-human condition. We call this condition existential onto anthropological singularity by analogy with the technological singularity concept, a concept drawn from the spatial singularity concept, in a cosmological sense, a region of space where the laws of physics become inoperable due to the action of huge gravitational forces. Thus, the anthropological singularity may be understood as a moment in human evolution, regularities that define the very existence of the human condition become inoperable due to human technological creativity action that changes – almost irreversible – the human being condition. In the present paper, we want to bring into question in a speculative way, the possibility of the posthuman individual in biological and moral (self) transcending conditions. We will discuss three technologies capable of irreversibly alter the human condition, putting the humanity in a trans-human or post-human condition: virtualization technologies of social space, which allows the transcendence limiting space of the human condition as being localized, contained within clear limits, by opening through communication and the becoming alive in a non-topological space, possible discharge of the consciousness in electronic media, which would allow to become alive in a non-topological space, independently of their own physicality and alleged indefinite life extension technologies, which takes out the human being from existential horizon of temporality and from what Heidegger calls “being around death”.


trans-humanism, technological singularity, onto-anthropological, non-topological space, posthuman condition.