Appreciative Socialisation Group. A Collaborative Creativity Model


XIV-th International Conference of Inventics– Copyright © 2010

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LANGUAGE | English

HOW TO CITE| Ponea, S., & SANDU, Antonio. (2010). Appreciative Socialisation Group. A Collaborative Creativity Model. Prezentată la XIV-th International Conference of Inventics, 9-11 iunie, Iaşi.


Groups are a form of gathering more people united by a common purpose. We believe that through their group, members can develop new skills and also can obtain the change in the direction they want. Socialization is the process that we “share” along with others, by communicating and also by having close views towards different things in life. Appreciative socialization involves placing emphasis on those elements that have value to us, which are positive. We consider appreciative group socialization a model of good practice that aims the development among group members and increases empowerment process.


Appreciative socialization group, socialization, group practice, appreciative inquiry, Coffee morning