Adnotations On The Code Of Conduct Of The Public Servant In Romania

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Introduction. Towards a professional ethics centred on values in the public administration
● Modern state translates its own rationality as bureaucracy;
● Far from being a source of delay, of postpone of administrative decision, the functional bureucracy is based on the idea of expertise, order and continuity in administrating public affairs;
● The political factor elected has an impact on the direction of public policies, but the official in administration system is asked to implement these policies, to achieve continuous communication with the citizen, and to ensure the functioning of the public servant in a fair and continuous manner;
● The public servant is perceived, and sometimes perceives himself, as a person whose liability is institutional rather than personal.

Postmodern administration
● Efficiency, transparency, responsibility, are all ethical values generally accepted as being compulsory for the functioning of the public administration to have a reasonable and predictible nature, turning the structures of the administration into efficient instrument in the functioning of the state of right;
● The postmodern administration redefines its role as instance of mediation between the citizen and the politician;
● The public administration has a double determination given by the relationship with the politics to which it must be placed on a position of axiological neutrality, and on the other hand, with the citizen, in relationship with which the public administration must show transparency and encourage the citizen’s participation to the public decision in all stages of its implementation and adoption.


code of conduct, public servant, public administration.