Towards an Appreciative Ethics of Care

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LANGUAGE | English

HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio (2016). Towards an Appreciative Ethics of Care. Prezentata la 13th World Congres of Bioethics, IAB 2016, 14-17 June, Edinburgh.

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Research Problem: Ethics of care is a theoretical model centered on the interdependence of the actors involved in providing care. The ethics of care takes into account the fact that some communities or individuals are more vulnerable than others, thus requiring additional attention.
Methodology: This paper focuses on constructing a new ethical framework with regard to chronic care, starting from the Ethics of Care model and adding to it a constructionist dimension derived from the appreciative paradigm (Appreciative Inquiry).
Originality: The appreciative vision proposes a paradigm shift in social change starting from the replacement of the problem-centered approach with one centered on the successful elements which can represent the premises for the creative transformation of the system. We will construct a framework of principles with regard to the Appreciative Ethics of Care.
Conclusion: In our view, Appreciative Ethics of Care should be based on the value of co-creation and co-care in the care process. The process of care cannot be understood unilaterally as being paternalistic, but rather as an appreciative reconstruction, based on the elements of maximum value for everybody involved in the process of care. The moral agent, understood within the appreciative paradigm, builds his autonomy in the very care context. Being a model based on an assessment of strengths, any appreciative ethic is clearly an ethic of virtue.


appreciative, ethics of care, process of care.