Towards a Phenomenology of the Digitalization of the Consciousness

World Congress of Philosophy- Copyright © 2018

FORMAT | Presented paper              

LANGUAGE | English

HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio (2018). Towards a Phenomenology of the Digitalization of the Consciousness. Prezentat în cadrul World Congress of Philosophy, 18 August 2018. Beijing, China.

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The digitalization of the everyday experience is a process which achieves virtual reality through a process of replacing the original and authentic experience with digital artefacts: cybersex, augmented reality, revolutions 2.0. We are even proposed a full digitalization of the contents of consciousness, and the development of our own existence in virtual spaces, as a means of prolonging life indefinitely. The objective of the paper is to identify and analyze certain philosophical perspectives on the mutations at the level of the cultural model called transmodern society, following the process of “virtualization of the social space”. The virtual space is non-tridimensional. The characteristic of topological distance, specific to any human cohabitation is being replaced with that of intersubjective distance, regarded as the subjective intensity of the communication. The understanding of the virtualization of social space may open new horizons of investigation in the philosophy of mentalities, cultural anthropology, communication sciences and tehnoethics.


virtualization of social space, transmodern society, unoccupied spaces.