Counseling in clinical ethics. A methodological model

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HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio, & Caras, A. (2013). Counseling in clinical ethics. A methodological model. Prezentată la The 12th ICPP, Atena, 4-12 August 2013, Grecia.

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Context: Ethical counseling is a process which facilitates the identification of ethical dilemmas that individuals or organizations are facing and ways out of these dilemmas that are most congruent with the vision shared by the individual or organization, context in which supervision of individuals intervenes as a support process.
Central ethical problem: We will present in what follows a practice model of ethical counseling derived from the client-centered and problem solving paradigm. We mention that philosophical ethical counseling model that focuses on solving ethical dilemmas represents a transposition of social practice at the level of ethical counseling.
Discussions: Ethical counseling in the version proposed by us has the advantage of a phased strategy to solve the ethical dilemma that can be applied by an ethics counselor after a proper training. In the construction of this theoretical and applied model we started from the works of Charles Zastrow [8] regarding social counseling. Ethical counseling is done as a gradual process of covering a series of steps to enhance the self potential of the client, a process developed in complementarity with ethical supervision. Ethical supervision concerns the most effective way of supervising professional practice, thus within the counseling process, the supervisor can perform the role of gatekeeper of these practices, such as ethical counseling. Clinical ethical counseling similar to counseling in social practice, is addressing vulnerabilities, in particular of cognitive nature, both trying by reconstructing the vision of the problem/ ethical dilemma to obtain the effective output. The proposed stages for ethical counseling: Establishing the relationship; Exploring ethical dilemmas; Exploring ethical solutions from various models of ethical practice.


social counseling, clinical ethics, ethical counseling ethical supervision, ethical dilemmas.