Values-based Social Work: Case Study on Probation Practice in Romania

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Sandu, A. (2017). Values-based Social Work: Case Study on Probation Practice in Romania. In A. Sandu, & A. Frunza (Eds.), Ethical Issues in Social Work Practice (pp. 117-154). IGI GLOBAL


The purpose of the research is to identify the ethical and axiological perspectives that underlie the process of social construction of the probation practice, and also aim at the ways in which the theoretical perspectives that underlie practice become constituents of the discourse of probation counsellors. The probation practice in Romania derived from social work practice with deviant groups. In the probation practice a large amount of case management instruments are still connected with social work practices. The results lead to the construction of a model of probation that integrates restorative elements with the restitutive ones, but also with elements of utilitarian justice, or centred on humanistic values. The ethical values identified as being constitutive for this model are co-responsibility, dignity and justice (Autorul).

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