New Approaches in Social and Humanistic Sciences. NASHS 2015

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Antonio SANDU

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Central and Eastern European LUMEN Conference: New Approaches in Social and Humanistic Sciences: NASHS 2015 aimed at presenting, disseminating and promoting international scientific research results, and increasing the international visibility of research activity.
We aim for the facilitation of dialogue between practitioners, academics and students, affiliated to various educational and research institutions, on current issues. We particularly aim to facilitate dialogue in the sphere of social sciences and the humanities in Eastern and Central Europe, with Moldova as a point of convergence.
The LUMEN conference gathered together international academics, practitioners and experts from Brazil, Pakistan, Iran, the United Kingdom, Moldova, Turkey, Albania, Spain, Russia, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Peru, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, Ukraine and Romania, who had an interest in subjects from domains such as social work, sociology, methodology, psychology and educational sciences, management, politics, European studies, law, applied philosophy, and communication sciences.
The Central and Eastern European LUMEN Conference: New Approaches in Social and Humanistic Sciences: NASHS 2015, was held between 11th and 13th September 2015, in Chisinau, Moldova. It was the first scientific event organized abroad by the Romanian LUMEN Team in conjunction with external collaborators. It was an extraordinary project aimed at increasing the dissemination of knowledge in the field of social sciences and humanities in central and east European academic communities. As a LUMEN event, CEE LUMEN NASHS 2015 was a multidisciplinary event, whose general objective was to promote scientific excellence and to encourage original research.

Domenii de interes:

  • Sociologie
  • comunicare
  • asistenta sociala
  • psihologie
  • management
  • stiinte politice
  • drept
  • filosofie aplicata
  • etica
  • etica aplicata
  • bioetica
  •  stiintele educatiei