Dimensions posthumaniste aux travaux de la philosophe Julian Savulescu

Institutul European – Copyright © 2013


PAGINI| 223-240        

LIMBA| Franceza

ISBN| 978-973-611-964-4


Sandu, A. (2013). Dimensions posthumaniste aux travaux de la philosophe Julian Savulescu. În T. Dima,  C. M. Gasparel, & D. G. Simbotin (Eds.), Rethinking Politics for the Knowledge Society, Epistemology and Philosophy of Science & Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy (pp. 223-240). Editura Institutul European.


In this paper we analyze the implications of Julian Savulescu’s views on contemporary development of bioethics and trans- humanist ethics. Julian Savulescu shows that the decryption of the human genome and identification of genetic bases of diseases, not only opens the way to genetic improvement of the human species by selecting the most viable embryos, but also deliberate reproduction of human individuals with genetic mutations including people with disabilities. The author argues that the new historical conditions justify the modification of the biological cycles and this is nothing but adaptation meaning an extension of that natural selection by conscious intervention on biological determinants of human existence (Autorul).

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