A social construction of truth in epistemological context

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ISBN| 978-973-611-807-4


SANDU, Antonio (2010). A social construction of truth in epistemological context . În T. Dima, & D. G. Simbotin, (Coord.), Knowledge and Action within the Knowledge Based Society, Epistemology (pp. 235-255). Editura Institutul European.


The Transmodern paradigm is founded on the world’s (especially cultural worlds) unification. The Transmodern’s Paradigm implicit assumtion is that dspite the appearence of a world split in levels of existence we can identifiy a fundamental unity repeated as fractal on a all these levels of reality.
In this papaer we will take into consideration some axiomatic frameworks which mark scientific truth and that is a structure of hierarchy of scientific truth for purposes of setting up and validatig current scinetific theories> the scientific approach aims to find the truth; scientific truth has its own referential in objective reality; instrumental dimension of scientific truth is rationality or logically applied to the experimental results or observation of the phenomena; the scientific approach has an explanatory dimension, a comprehensive and predictive one; the scientific approach, using an analytitical or synthetitc form of speech, has generated priori or posteriori truths; Scientific knowledge fits into a paradigm; its apparent truth comes from its logical consistency understood as giving the same in terms of and using the same methodological rules.

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