Supervision of Ethics in Social Work Practice. A Reconstruction of Ethics Expertise

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Frunza, A. & Sandu, A. (2017). Supervision of Ethics in Social Work Practice. A Reconstruction of Ethics Expertise. In Sandu, A., & Frunza, A. (Eds.), Ethical Issues in Social Work Practice (pp. 175-204).  IGI GLOBAL


The chapter aims at arguing the necessity and academic functioning of the supervision of ethics – as a model embodied in ethical expertise. Starting with 2012, the model of ethics expertise in the social welfare practice – the supervision of ethics – was continuously developed. Based on the previous approaches of supervision of ethics, the process is understood as having the following main functions: the Gatekeeping in construction of ethics policies, the mediation in achieving a reflective balance in the organization, the administrative and deliberative function, the construction of ethical climate in organizations and monitoring of ethical conformity and counselling of ethics, ethical advising and support. This model brings together practices from all other forms of ethics expertise, additionally exercising its gatekeeper role in the transfer of political theories on public good through the implementing programs and practices thereof, and making the professional values compatible with the organisational ones (Autorii).

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