Constructionist Grounded Theory – GT. Conceptual and Methodological Clarifications

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PAGES | 183-209         

LANGUAGE | English

ISSN| 2066-7329

HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio (2018). Constructionist Grounded Theory – GT. Conceptual and Methodological Clarifications. Revista Romaneasca pentru Educatie Multidimensionala, 10(1), 183-209. WOS:000429128200018.

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In this article we aim to bring a series of epistemological and conceptual clarifications on a particular method of qualitative research entitled Grounded Theory (GT) in its social-constructive approach. The peculiarity of this research method is the exploratory character, the theoretical explanatory construction based on data gathered from the field and not from a series of assumptions taken from the literature, or built from the missing knowledge areas within it. The socio-constructivist dimension emphasizes the context dependence of the obtained results and the generated interpretative model.


Grounded Theory, qualitative research, social constructivism, interpretive model, data encoding.