A levinasian opening on the affirmative ethics of care

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ISSN| 1583-0039

HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio (2016). A levinasian opening on the affirmative ethics of care. Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies, 15(43), 28-47. WOS:000371238000002.

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In the order of beingness, duty is a state much closer to Dasein than any form of rationality could be. The true duty and the true respect for the golden rule can only come from the authenticity of one s beingness. The same goes for what we call humility. This duty, as an existential state, is a movement of the spirit which seems to be overwhelmed by the care for the Other, towards the Other. Any duty which does not move the being, and which results, for example, from reason, is unauthentic and, viewed from a phenomenological perspective, it means the alienation of the appreciative capacity of the beingness – understood as Dasein.
As such, appreciative ethics can only be placed at the crossroads between constructionism – as a theory on the agreed existence, and the phenomenology which enables the understanding of the subjective experience of the process of social construction of reality itself.


Levinas, moral responsibility, affirmative ethics, appreciative ethics.