Shivoham! The Temple in the Shopping Mall

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LANGUAGE | English

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HOW TO CITE|SANDU, Antonio (2018). Shivoham! The Temple in the Shopping Mall. Journal for Ethics in Social Studies, 2(2), 1-13.

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India, through its culture, fascinated me in adolescence, mostly due to the stories of Mircea Eliade about the fabulous India! The spirituality of India, the search for eternity and profound meanings of life, marked my maturity stage, culminating in a doctoral thesis on the philosophy of the Orient (especially India) and modern physics. So the first day in India I was expecting to be … I was actually expecting to be … to confirm that my teen dreams were not illusory, that was not Maya the one who had suggested there was something profound, something waiting to be discovered, and that India can be the Alterity that reveals the meaning of Yourself!


India; Banghalore; spirituality; interculturality; Maya; temple.


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