Ethical fundaments of european policies on equal treatment

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PAGES | 47-55       

LANGUAGE | English

ISSN| 2360-6754

HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio (2015). Ethical fundaments of european policies on equal treatment. European Journal of Law and Public Administration, 2(1), 47-55.

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Equality doesn’t mean identity, but similarity in at least one of the domains of categorization. Referring to the gender inequalities, these developed from the preconceived idea of superior importance of masculinity, given by the numerical and historical experience of their participation in confrontations, and implicitly as male preponderance in the dominant areas of society. The essence of prescriptive equality is that of equality before the law.
The political theory and the egalitarian philosophies focus on identifying reasonable principles that once elected, constitute the fundament of a public agreement on common good, and which are beyond the different positions in which they are participants. In the content of the paper, we examined a series of references to some of the most important acts that govern the equal treatment in the fields of work and wages in the EU.


equal treatment, European policies, egalitarian ethics, regulations of the right to equal treatment.


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