Constructionist – Fractal Analysis. A Transmodern View of Truth


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Constructionist-fractal method is essentially a semiotic- hermeneutics method. It traces the analysis of the transmodern paradigm under three classical aspects: syntactic, semantic and pragmatic. The model’s syntax is the law – ontognoseology axioms that will be repeated in other areas of the transmodern speech. Semantics consists of transmodern upgrading of philosophy and scientific data. In the semantic analysis we find a structural model of cognitive reconstruction of the world, based on the idea of fractal holism called quantum metaphysics. Constructionist-fractal analysis method consists in identifying a paradigm agreement to semiotic scales and thereby identifying cultural axioms, epistemic, or social and successive restructuring of cultural or social acts consistent with the paradigm model proposed. This study appears as a result of the researches from the project “Qualifications and European standard in social work”, contract POSDRU/18/1.2./G/11966.


social constructionism, epistemology, transmodern paradigm, transdisciplinarity.


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