Organizational Evaluation Tools through Appreciative Inquiry

Anuarul Universităţii „Petre Andrei” din Iaşi, Fascicula: Drept, Ştiinţe Economice, Ştiinţe Politice– Copyright © 2011


PAGES | 159-179       

LANGUAGE | English

ISSN| 2248 – 1079

HOW TO CITE| SANDU, Antonio (2011). Organizational Evaluation Tools through Appreciative Inquiry [Instrumente de evaluare organizaţională prin Ancheta Apreciativă]. Anuarul Universităţii „Petre Andrei” din Iaşi, Fascicula: Asistenţă Socială, Sociologie, Psihologie, 7, 159-179.

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Replacing the welfare society with that of the network society, globalization of the interdependences and the social paradigms reconstruction by replacing the individuality obsession specific to postmodern society with that of the “trans modern spiritualization of borders, it will change the social intervention goals from” dynamic potentialities of self-determination and self-actualization of the client in the adaptive restructuring of social networks in favor of positive operation of the client. Appreciative Inquiry is built on the assumption that any organization is an arbitrary social construction whose limits are drawn only by the imagination of people and the collective will. Article aims to present the appreciative methodology for assessing the degree of organizational development. Organizational development in the appreciative version is based on a semiotic analysis of the organization’s speeches. In each of this organization, individuals create their own set of stories that come together in what is called organizational culture. Lecture of these stories in appreciative terms concern the emphasizing of the successful items, of appreciation moments and the valuation of the personal meanings, of organizational experience. Culture of an organization is linked to such of successful moments, remarkable people, valuing moments when the satisfaction degree of component individuals of the organization is increased, successful models and moments in the organization’s life who want to be sent in further activity of the organization.


appreciative inquiry; appreciative interview; appreciative intelligence.


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