The role of social assistance in therapeutic education

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ISSN| 2193-3863

HOW TO CITE| Necula, M. R., SANDU, Antonio, & Damian, S. I. (2018). The role of social assistance in therapeutic education. Archiv Euromedica, 8(2), 24-30. WOS:000467899700008.

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Therapeutic education is a decisive factor in the management of self-care for people with chronic diseases. The theoretical perspective is based on the model of chronic care, focusing on therapeutic education as part of the general system of care for cronic patients.
In the context of this article, we will interpret the results of a questionnaire applied to patients with various chronic diseases, who due to their status of vulnerability, are beneficiaries of social services. The questionnaire was applied to 60 patients with chronic disease: diabetes mellitus, hypertension, chronic renal failure, chronic hepatitis and HIV infection, patients living in the northeastern region of Romania, beneficiaries of social services. We will also highlight the role of social assistance as a form of therapeutic education, aiming at shaping a social assistance profile in the general context of public health.


chronic illness; social care; self-care management; chronic care model; therapeutic education.